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Gold medal in the the Army Power lifting competition

20th July 2021

Gold medal in the Army Powerlifting competition

Congratulations to Lance Corporal Binod Gurung and Lance Corporal Sanam Kumar from Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment for winning gold medals in the Army Powerlifting competition in their respective weight categories.

Powerlifting is a test of pure, unadulterated, brute strength, and comprises three lifts: Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. In a Powerlifting competition, athletes are categorised by sex, age and bodyweight. Each competitor is allowed three attempts at each lift, the best lift in each discipline being added to their total.

The lifter with the highest total is the winner. In cases where two or more lifters achieve the same total, the person with the lightest bodyweight wins.

The Army Powerlifting Union runs 5 events each year which are open to all service members regardless of experience or strength levels as we look to promote the sport through participation. We are affiliated to the British Drug-Free Powerlifting Association and are advocates of drug-free clean sport.

Army Powerlifting union

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