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27th March 2013

Pte Sangam Gurung GSPS

History was made on 25 June 2012 when GSPS, the newest cap badge in the Brigade of Gurkhas participated in the Nepal Cup for the first time with our own unique identity. For those who took part, it was pride and joy that mattered most!

Training was conducted at Aldershot on Friday afternoons under Capt Tik Gurung OIC GSPS and Cpl Niraj Gurung, Assistant OIC GSPS/Coach. It was a challenge to form up a new team for the first time as there were many administrative issues to be resolved prior to the tournament and evaluate the capability of the players. The first training session was held on 20 June with GSPS players attended the training from their respective duty locations situated in various parts of the United Kingdom. Players from Brunei arrived in Aldershot during the closed session training, which was just a couple of days before the preliminary round due to their Battalion commitments. During the closed session we were provided with various football lessons, game tactics and we practised many set plays which were very valuable.  

On this historic day, the preliminary round match was against the might of the QOGLR Nepal Cup team who were one of the favourites to win the tournament. We were mentally and physically prepared to face the challenge as we had waited for the day to proudly show our identity to the Brigade of Gurkhas.
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Within a couple of minutes of starting, Cpl Saujanya Subba, our star striker scored the first goal which was an ideal start for us. However, we were to end up being 2-1 down at the end of the first half.
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During half time we received some useful tips from DCOS HQBG, Maj Hem, OIC Capt Tik and Cpl Niraj on the areas where we needed to concentrate. We started the second half applying a lot of pressure on the opponents but despite our best effort with all the ball possession QOGLR scored a third goal. As we had nothing to lose the coach directed us to push forward until the end and subsequently Cpl Saujanya scored again. As the goal difference was small the tempo of the game was dictated by GSPS again, our offensive play had certainly brought renewed hope to our team and we managed to score an equalizing goal from a free kick only for it to be disallowed by the linesman. It was certainly a controversial moment but the decision was made and the game ended with a score of 3-2. 

We proved that GSPS are a team to watch in the future. The Nepal cup certainly provided GSPS players, who played with enormous pride, the feeling of togetherness amongst all the GSPS family. 

On behalf of the OIC GSPS team, I would also like to pass on our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of the GSPS family and ex-babujis who donated money towards the GSPS football fund. It certainly helped us to kick-start the process and I have been informed that we have sufficient funds to take it to the next level. Some GSPS family members also donated towards the messing during our training sessions and some in the form of training equipment, flags etc – to them we salute you for your generosity and support. From the players, our personal gratitude to our coach, Cpl Niraj dai who spent hours relentlessly organising and coaching the team. He was an inspiration and lynchpin for us. We were sad that he was not able to participate with us this year due to an injury. The team would have been much stronger with his presence! 

We look forward to next year’s Nepal cup with the aim of doing much better than in our inaugural year.

Jai GSPS!!!

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