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Gurkha 200 Update

18th October 2013

I am sure that we do not have to remind all the ‘Historians’ amongst you that in 2015 we will be celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Gurkha Service to the Crown.  There has been a considerable amount of planning and work to ensure that the Brigade marks this hugely important historical event not only in the UK but also worldwide.  The following documents are attached for circulation to your members:

G200_SITREP 2_ – This outlines the aims and objectives for G200 and highlights some of the key events that are currently being planned.

G200 Forecast of Events – This provides a full list of the planned events in support of G200.

The G200 Committee will produce further SITREPS on a quarterly basis to keep all members updated on the G200 celebrations.

The G200 Committee believe that it would be advantageous to engage those celebrities with a connection to Gurkhas in the celebrations of G200.  If you know of any celebrity or influential person who could be engaged to assist in raising awareness etc for G200, or have any questions concerning G200, could you please refer them to the G200 Secretary, Major (Retd) B McKay MBE on 01276 412624 or by e-mail 


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