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Gurkha Brigade Association Annual Golf Day 2018

17th September 2018

The Gurkha Brigade Association (GBA) Annual Golf day was held on Thursday 13th of September 2018 at Weybrook Park Golf Course in Basingstoke. The golf was played in Stableford format but in ¾ handicap.

The aim was to integrate the members of the association. The weather was fantastic and day went very smoothly. There were participants from the Gurkha Staff and Personnel Support (GSPS) and altogether 30 members from the GBA took part on the day.

This is an annual event in the GBA calendar and takes place in the 2nd week of September. We encourage members of the GBA who play golf to participate in future events.   

Novelty Prizes:

  • Nearest to the Pin Front Nine – Clive Pettigrew 6GRRA
  • Nearest to the Pin Back Nine – Badri Kumar Rai 7GRRA
  • Longest drive – Narendra Gurung – HQBG/GSPS

Division C

  • Winner – Dhyan Prasad Rai -7GRRA, 32 points
  • Runners up – Mahendra Limbu- QGSRA, 29 points

 Division B

  • Winner – Surya Prakash Gurung –2GRRA, 41 points
  • Runners up – James Robinson – HQBG/7GRRA/RGRRA, 34 points

Division A

  • Winner – Badri Kumar Rai – 7GRRA, 35 points (Count Back)
  • Runners up – Rajendra Gauchan – 6GRRA, 35 points


  • Winner – Dammar Bahadur Shahi -HQBG/6GRRA/RGRRA, Gross 77
  • Runners up – Narendra Kumar Gurung HQBG/GSPS, Gross 82

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