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Gurkha Company Catterick C Wing Attack Exercise

13th July 2020

Gurkha Company Catterick C Wing Attack Exercise

A Mid-Day inspection and checking of our equipment whilst having frequent roll calls are what quite often makes up our daily routine as we prepare for an Exercise.

This time it was an Attack Exercise; first tactical exercise for Recruit Intake 2020 which 22nd – 26th June. Before deployment, we were briefed by our Platoon Commander Saheb about our mission and objectives, so we were clear about our roles as an individual, a section and the platoon.

We were excited about using the TES system for the first time as it could detect shots from any angle and warns the wearer of near misses, hits and injuries. It even tells you how quickly you need medical treatment. Unlike previous exercises, this time we didn’t have any central demonstration hence we started working on the harbour occupation drills. After we reached the locaiton, Platoon Sergeant Guruji disturbed ammunition and made sure our TES kits were working. We were divided into 6 sections, with 8 members. We practised the attacks drills with our respective section commander guruji and went through a few attacks. In the evening, we moved to our harbour location, we then listened to the very first order in our Army careers’ for a section attack.

The following day we moved to our final rendezvous location early in the morning for the section attack which was to be our formative test. We all performed well as the day went by. By the time we were on our summative test, each member of the section had an idea about their role and responsibility therefore we delivered a great summative test. The important thing that helped us though this was the After Action Review (AAR). We could all see our actions in a projector during AAR. On the completion, we returned to the harbour area and prepared for the Platoon attack. We listened to the orders from and carried out the normal night routine.

Next day was an early start for the Platoon attacks because of large group we were divided into two Platoons with three section each.

On the last day we did exactly same formative test, but this was our summative test in different location. After we completed the attack, we moved back to the harbour area and our whole evening and afternoon was spent on preparing for a deliberate Platoon attack. We listened to the orders and moved at 2345 hrs. All tired, we walked for three hours to reach the area of our assault. On arrival we carried out the action destroying the enemy position and executed our mission. On completion we all formed up and headed back to barracks to carry our post-exercise administration and I had the best sleep of my life!

By Trainee Rifleman Sushan Rimal, Gurkha Company Catterick

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