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Gurkha Company (Sittang) – Sittang Day

6th March 2023

Sittang Day

Sittang Day commemorates the valiant efforts of the British Army and Gurkhas during the Battle of Sittang Bridge in Burma during World War Two.

The battle took place during 19th – 23rd February 1942 and resulted in a significant victory for the Imperial Japanese troops. Despite the defeat, the bravery and sacrifices of the Gurkhas and British troops have been honoured ever since.

Sittang Day with Gurkha Company (Sittang)
Sittang Day with Gurkha Company (Sittang)
Sittang Day with Gurkha Company (Sittang)

This year, Gurkha Company (Sittang) (GC(S)) celebrated Sittang day on the 22nd of February 2023 at Nepal Lines, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The GC(S) Second in Command Captain Binodkumar Kerung highlighted the significance of the day, followed by a Buddhist Spiritual Leader Mr Kesang Ghale gave short motivational speech and Company Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer Class Two Dipjang Angbuhang delivered a presentation about the Battle.

Sittang Day with Gurkha Company (Sittang)
Sittang Day with Gurkha Company (Sittang)
Sittang Day with Gurkha Company (Sittang)

The parade and two-minute silence then took place, with soldiers, visitors, and families coming together to honour the fallen heroes. During the ceremony, the Officer Commanding GC(S) Major Ramkumar Rai and Commanding Officer (Sandhurst Support Unit) Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Dodge laid the wreath in memory and respect of those who sacrificed their lives towards the country. The day also features the new family welcome program, an opportunity for families to come together and make friendship, meet and greet, enjoy tea/coffee and decent food. Sittang day is an important event that brings us and our families together to pay tribute to those who have served their country with courage and honour.

By Lance Corporal Kumar Chemjong, Gurkha Company (Sittang)

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