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Gurkha Company’s Recruit Library takes shape with help from HQBG and World Book Night

30th April 2014

Gurkha Company recruits have been improving their English ability alongside their military skills, thanks to Reading Agency schemes such as World Book Night and the Six Book Challenge.

Whilst all recruits attend an 8 week English language course, where they work towards achieving qualifications in functional skills, these national schemes have given them the opportunity to develop their English outside of the classroom and hopefully instil a deeper passion for reading in general.

Free books to promote World Book Night, support from Catterick Garrison Library in setting up the Six Book Challenge and grants from the Brigade of Gurkhas to purchase military history books will all be used to establish a lasting library within Gurkha Company. This will allow future generations of recruits to gain a wider understanding of Gurkha and British culture and aid the development of their English in an enjoyable and informative way.















Captain Andrew Chambers, OIC English Language Wing, reflected, “All of our recruits are eager to learn and absorb information at an incredible rate. Providing them access to a wider range of materials will not only allow them to consolidate and enhance their work in the classroom but also give them deeper insight into a range of cultural and military issues.

Recruits, Samso Wanem Phago and Suraj Thapa Magar, also appreciated the importance of reading in their spare time, “By reading these books we can improve our English. We can also make a habit out of reading books and lead us to communicate better with other British people. All of us are grateful as we now have interesting and exciting books to read.”





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