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Gurkha Everest Expedition Update

29th April 2015

After enduring avalanches and being cut off for a number of days the Himalayan Odyssey team have now reorganised at Everest Base Camp and will shortly move to Kathmandu and assist in the earthquake recovery efforts.

The team was in two groups when the earthquake struck. Fourteen climbers were at Camp 1 about to ascend for the summit, while a three man support team were at Base Camp. The earthquake caused extensive avalanches at both locations. The Base Camp group suffered one minor injury and quickly worked to assist the Nepal authorities emergency response.

The team at Camp 1 were left with just the equipment they were carrying in their packs to sustain themselves. They quickly regrouped and helped to organise recovering other climbers in the vicinity. They were airlifted back to Base Camp on Monday. The team linked up with the Base Camp party and have now started moving to Kathmandu to join the other members of the Brigade of Gurkhas in the relief effort. The team have a doctor and highly qualified medics and their training will prove hugely valuable.

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