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Gurkha Museum virtual lecture – 21st March

17th March 2022

A virtual lecture on the Story of Indian Independence and the Creation of Pakistan in 1947.

After centuries of involvement in the region, by 1947 British control of India was finally being relinquished. This historic moment formed the backdrop to one of the bloodiest events in recent Indian history. Religious division, political instability and nationalist aims led to a period of huge turmoil. Millions of people moved across newly-drawn borders into India and East or West Pakistan and mass violence became commonplace as governments and re-defined militaries struggled to maintain control. The events known as the Partition of India are crucial to understanding modern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Lieutenant General Sir Barney White-Spunner, commissioned into the Blues and Royals, he commanded the Household Cavalry regiment including the deployment to Bosnia and was Deputy Director of defence policy for the Ministry of Defence. He later commanded 16 Air Assault Brigade and the Kabul Multinational Brigade.

As GOC 3rd United Kingdom division, he deployed elements of that division to Iraq as the core of Multinational Division (South East). His final appointment was commander of the field army in 2009. Appointed CBE in 2002 and KCB in the 2011 birthday honours list, Barney retired from the British army in December 2011. Author of several books, in this lecture, he will be talking about his acclaimed 2017 book, Partition.

A virtual lecture on the Story of Indian Independence and the Creation of Pakistan in 1947.

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