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Gurkha Pension Scheme – 2014 Award

1st April 2014

The Gurkha Pension Scheme (GPS) annual award for 2014 was published on 14 March 2014.  The existing rates of Gurkha Retirement Pension, Gurkha Service Pension, Gurkha Disability and Gurkha Family Pension have been revised with effect from 1 April 2014.

Gurkha personnel on the Gurkha Pension Scheme will therefore see the following impacts of the award, where relevant, from 1 April 2014, which include:

–    An increase in pensions paid through the Gurkha Pension Scheme of 10.3% with effect from 1 April 2014.

–    The new rates of pension will be applied to the Far East and Nepal Administration System for the pensions run for April 2014.

–    Pensioners paid in cash at the Pension Paying Offices will have their new rates due available from 1 May 2014.

–    Banking pensioners will have their accounts credited by end of April 2014, although this may be later depending on location and the bank used.

–    Payments in cash from Area Welfare Centres will be made in May/June 2014 according to the programme published by Headquarters British Gurkhas Nepal.

The increment of 10.3% in Gurkha Pension takes into account the cost of living increases in Nepal based on the Nepal Rastra Bank figure for inflation.

This increase ensures that Gurkha pensions are kept at a fair and appropriate level and demonstrates the UK Government’s continuing commitments to the Gurkha Pension Scheme.

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