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Gurkha Pension Scheme – 2017 update

13th April 2017

The existing rates of Gurkha Retirement Pension, Gurkha Service Pension, Gurkha Disability Pension and Gurkha Family Pension have been revised with effect from 1 April 2017.

The current rates, which are based on Indian Army pensions, but incorporate a welfare related cash uplift to take account of the benefits in kind provided to Indian Army ex-servicemen, have received a 2017 pension increment of 3.8% to take account of cost of living increases in Nepal. In line with existing policy the increase is based on the Rastra Bank consumer price index for inflation in Nepal.

The increase also applies to Dearness Allowance which is used in calculating Indian Army Pay for gratuity purposes. 

Full details can be found on this link:



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