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Gurkha Photography Winner 2019

15th August 2019

We are very pleased to announce that the winner of the Gurkha photography competition 2019 is Corporal Yugesh Limbu (2 RGR).

In second place was Rifleman Suraj Dhimal, (Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, Support Battalion) and in third place was Signalman Bibek Gurung (Queen’s Gurkha Signals).

All entries were assessed by both HQBG Staff and an independent photography expert. The entries were all a high standard and over a range of subjects. The images will potentially be used over a number of internal and external projects to support promoting the Brigade of Gurkhas.

Our intend is to run another Photography competition in 2020 were we hope to attract even more entries. But for now, well done Corporal Yugesh Limbu who will receive a prize worth £150.00.

All the entries can be seen on this video.

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