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11th July 2013


In March 1992, a Saving Scheme for serving Gurkhas was set up for members to invest into the fund with the view to receive a cash investment on capital growth at the time of retirement. The scheme was managed by the Equitable Life Assurance Society. Over the last 21 years, the vast bulk of members have cashed in their schemes, however there are a number of serving and retired Gurkha servicemen who are eligible for further claims. During September 2010, the government debated in the House of Commons, that various savings and insurance schemes through the Equitable Life Assurance during the 1990s, suffered financial losses as a result of maladministration that was found to have occurred in the regulation of Equitable Life. The government decided in Oct 2010 with HM Treasury approval that a payment scheme from June 2011 would be introduced to make fair and transparent payments to policyholders. Her Majesty’s Treasury has asked National Savings & Investment (NSI) to administer the Equitable Life Payment Scheme (ELPS), who in turn have engaged ‘ATOS’ as professional administers to work with NSI to trace eligible scheme members.  ELPS will send HQBG a spreadsheet containing 5,688 members (surname, initials, army number), and we only have until 30 July 13 for members to come forward with their address details. Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas is very supportive of the ELPS.  He has directed Mr Matthew Curtis, HQBG Finance Officer to help identify former Gurkha Servicemen who may have received losses through their GPF saving scheme and assist them to establish contact ATOS to make any future payment claims.  As the HQBG Finance Officer, he will be working as the intermediary to obtain the details of former Gurkha Servicemen who held Equitable Life policies and pass their contact details onto ATOS, who in turn will contact the individuals for any subsequent claims action.


Equitable Life Policy.  To be eligible for the ELPS scheme, you need to have held an GPF account with one or more of the following Equitable Life Schemes:

Accumulating with Profits (AWP)

Conventional with Profits (CWP)

With Profits Annuity (WPA)

Purchase Dates.  The policy must have been purchased between:

CWP & WPA Policies.  01 September 1992 and 31 December 2000

AWP policies.  Purchased between 01 September 1992 and 31 December 2000, or had a premium payment made into the scheme between 1 January 1993 and 31  December 2000

Eligible Members.  All those eligible must fill out Annex A (provided link below) and forward it to their respective branches by 30 July 2013: 

Serving soldiers/officers – Unit Admin Office    

Pensioners based in Nepal – HQ BGN

Pensioners based in the UK – Fin Offr HQBG (Please complete Annex A and fax it to 01980 615671)


Any questions relating to this matter is to be passed to the HQBG Finance Officer – Mr Matthew Curtis via e-mail



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