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Gurkha Selection 2021 – Eastern Nepal

23rd February 2021

Gurkha Selection 2021 - Pokhara

Gurkha selection for Gurkha Intake 2021 has concluded with the announcement of results for the Eastern Region of Nepal. Congratulations to all the successful candidates who now become a part of the brave and historic legacy of the Gurkhas.

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Every year thousands of young Nepalis spend large sums of money on attending training academies. These academies are not supported by the British Army in anyway.

Some of these training academies have underlying corruption and some even practice unsafe training, risking the health of potential recruits.

The recruiting process is entirely free for all eligible personnel that wish to join the Gurkhas. All the selection information is published on the British Army website and anyone can prepare for the process at home, without spending a single rupee.

Gurkha recruiting remains to be free, fair and transparent.

Gurkha recruitment information

British Army Website

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