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Gurkha Staff and Personnel Support Graduation for Recruit Intake 2018

18th February 2019

The new members of Gurkha Staff and Personnel Support (GSPS) from Recruit Intake 2018 (GSPS) successfully completed their 14 weeks of Service Initial Personnel Administration Course from the 9th November 2018 to the 15th February 2019.

The graduation ceremony was witnessed by the Course Graduation Officer, Colonel AD Griffiths OBE (Colonel GSPS), Captain Suren Limbu, Warrant Officer Class One Mukesh Subba and Second in Command GSPS Warrant Officer Class Two Ram Thapa in Personnel Administration Training Wing, Worthy Down.

Private Starsun Thamshuhang was presented with the Best Student of the course, Captain Peter Taylor award (best Gurkha student) and Colonel GSPS coin for his excellent performance.

Private Paras Gurung was presented with the Best Physical Training (Fittest student of the course) and Colonel GSPS Coin.

Colonel GSPS and Officer Commanding GSPS would also like to personally thank Sergeant Pramod Rai for his devotion and huge contribution during the training.

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