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Gurkha Success at Bisley 2015

25th June 2015

Gurkhas have led the rankings again at the Combat Rifle Championship in Bisley with another Queen’s medal win and an Inter-Unit team trophy being the crowning achievements of a spectacular performance.

For the third year running a Gurkha won the overall top place with Sgt Khagendra Tamang from QG Signals taking over the Queen’s Medal from last year’s holder Sgt Sanjib Rai, 2 RGR.

Furthermore, Gurkhas  took 22 of the top 25 places in the competition and around 60 of the top Army 100.

The Inter Unit Operational Shooting Championship was handed between the two batallions of the Royal Gurkha Rifles with 1 RGR taking victory over 2 RGR (who won last year). Most of the rest of the top 10 teams were also Gurkhas.

The top 10 Army Shooters

1. Sgt Khagendra Tamang (QG Signals)
2. LCpl Dhan Ghale (1 RGR)
3. LCpl D Stanton (4 Rifles)
4. LCpl Sudin Gurung (QG Signals)
5. Sgt Som Chhantel (1 RGR)
6. Capt Dilip Gurung (Gurkha Coy Sittang)
7. Sgt Sekendra Gurung (QG Signals)
8. Bdr S Gowin ATC (RA)
9. Rfn Tej Paija (1 RGR)
10. Rfn Amit Gurung (2 RGR)

The top 10 units of the Inter Unit Operational Shooting Championship-

1. 1 RGR A Team
2. 2 RGR
3. 22 Signal Regt
4. Gurkha Coy Sittang
5. 2 Signal Regt
6. 30 Signal Regt
7. 10 QOGLR
8. 1 RGR B Team
9. 21 Signal Regt
10. SASC

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