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Gurkha success on Cambrian Patrol 2019

21st October 2019

Another fantastic year for Gurkhas on Cambrian Patrol

2019 has seen a record number of medals secured on Cambrian Patrol by various teams from units across the Brigade of Gurkhas.

The 2019 results for teams taking part in the Cambrian Patrol 2019 are:

  • 1 RGR – Gold Medal
  • 2 RGR – Gold Medal
  • Queen’s Gurkha Engineers – Gold Medal
  • Queen’s Gurkha Signals (1 Signal Regiment) – Silver Medal
  • 10 Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment – Silver Medal
  • Tavoleto Company – Gold Medal
  • Sittang Comapny – Silver Medal
  • Allied Rapid Reaction Corps – Gold Medal
  • Infantry Training Company Babaji Company – Gold Medal
  • 9 Regt RLC (Gurkha team) – Gold Medal
  • 60 Close Support Squadron 4 Regt RLC – Gold Medal

Plus a Gold Medal for our friends from the Nepalese Army, who trained with the Brigade Training Team prior to the event.

Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL is the premier patrolling event of the British Army which is held in Wales and hosted by Headquarters 160th (Welsh) Brigade.

The aim of The Cambrian Patrol is to provide a challenging patrols exercise in order to enhance operational capability.

The Cambrian Patrol is run on an annual basis and hass evolved into a cost-effective, ready-made exercise that Commanding Officers can use to test the basic training standards of their soldiers, in preparation for future operations. It is mission focused and scenario-based, with role players used to enhance the training benefit. We seek to encourage wider participation from across all the arms and services and stress that the entry standards are not based on any specialist skills but on MATTs.

Assessment Criteria

Cambrian Patrol is a Mission and Task Orientated exercise. The fundamental criteria used to assess the performance of the patrol is by determining whether or not it completes the various tasks and achieves its Mission. This is assessed by awarding marks for:

  • Military skills (70% of total marks)
  • Orders (15% of total marks)
  • Debrief (15% of total marks)

The other military skills that may be assessed during Cambrian Patrol are:

  • Dismounted Close Combat Skills
  • Obstacle crossing drills
  • First aid and CasEvac procedures
  • Recognition of aircraft, vehicles and equipment
  • C-IED/Minefield awareness
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Captured persons (CPERS) Handling
  • Helicopter drills
  • Media handling
  • CBRN drills
  • SERE skills
  • Radio communications skills
  • Artillery Target Indication procedures
  • Working with vehicles

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