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Gurkha Wing Mandalay/ Training Support Div wins Infantry Battle School Operational Shooting Competition 2016

25th April 2016

Gurkha Wing Mandalay won the Infantry Battle School Operational Shooting Competition held at J3 Range in SENTA on Saturday, 09 April 2016 for the second year running.  The competition was contested amongst the teams from each Divisions within IBS.  Each team consisted of 5 firers (an Officer and 4 other ranks).  On the day six teams (30 firers) competed on 4 separate matches – Short Range Rural Contact Match, Long Range Rural Contact Match, Advance to Contact and Falling Plates.  The prizes awarded were top three individuals, top team and falling plates team winner.

Capt Kiran Pun (1 RGR) led the team to victory with gusto and spectacular performance displaying strength and depth of Gurkhas shooting skills.  Cpl Tuljung Gurung MC from 1 RGR won the top individual award. The results of the day were as follows –

  1. Top individual (All scores combined) – Cpl Tuljung Gurung MC (Gurkha Wing Mandalay)
  2. Second individual (All scores combined) –  CSgt Bharat Gurung (Junior Division)
  3. Third individual (All scores combined) – Rfn Rem Gurung (Gurkha Wing Mandalay)
  4. Falling Plates – Gurkha Wing Mandalay (Runner-up)
  5. Top Team (All scores combined) – Gurkha Wing Mandalay

Cpl Tuljung Gurung MC (1st of 30 firers)

Rfn Rem Gurung (3rd of 30 firers)

LCpl Kripa Shah (6th of 30 firers)

Cpl Ravin Rai (7th of 30 firers)

Capt Kiran Pun (10th of 30 firers, Winner amongst Officers)




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