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Gurkhas in Windsor

17th May 2019

This week we went behind the scenes and joined part of the Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment as they took up their role as the Queen’s Guard at Windsor Castle. This is part of a bigger commitment for the Regiment in support of London based Public Duties including; the Buckingham Palace Guard and the Tower of London Guard. 

On this occasion they were supported and led through the streets of Windsor by the Band and Bugles of the Rifles, who like the Gurkhas march at 140 paces per minute compared to the heavy (standard) pace of 116 paces per minute. On other occasions they will be supported by our own band.  Once inside the gate of Windsor Castle the Gurkhas have to switch to heavy drill to match that of the out going guard from the Household Division.

There were many people gathered in the sun to watch the event on the streets and inside the castle area. All trying to get a good look at the Gurkhas and take many photographs and videos. 

There is many weeks of rehearsals and then hours of uniform and kit preparation before you step out into the public in immaculate uniforms and precision drill movements. We took a look behind the scenes at Victoria Barracks, Windsor as they gathered for first time for this task in Windsor. 


You can find out more about London Public Duties here. 

In April they were preparing hard for this task and this video from Forces TV will show you some of the preparation that went on. 


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