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Gurkhas new to Catterick

24th February 2020

Our new Gurkhas straight from Nepal are having to adapt to the weather inn Catterick very quickly!

Training Rifleman Rupash Tamang said: “It’s a very cold place compared to Nepal, however, I like this.”

Many of the 432 shared details of their first time on a plane, while Rupash reflected on what he’d left behind.”My parents are farmers, they keep the buffalo,” Training Rifleman Tamang. “My father and mother also dream to see me as a British Army man,” he said, planning to send money back home.

Warrant Officer Class Two Sajan Limbu, Sergeant Major Gurkha Company, said life as a Gurkha could be “life-changing”. “They join the British Gurkhas and then they get more job opportunities… can look after the families back in Nepal,” he said.

Instructors joined many recruits on the flight back, having played a part in the selection process in Nepal. Padre David Anderson, Senior Chaplain at Infantry Training Centre, was thrilled to be invited to welcome the new recruits. “Of course, there are some Christians amongst that Gurkha community as well as Hindus and Buddhists,” he said. “It’s more than just religious support, it is ongoing human needs support.

“We all need each other, we’re all as one team and we’re here to support them through thick and thin – to get them to the end of this course.” Nine months of hard training lies ahead for those hoping to leave as fully-fledged Gurkhas.

Content taken from Forces Network

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