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History of the Brigade of Gurkhas

History of the Brigade of Gurkhas

Gurkha Soldiers

Gurkha Soldiers

Gurkhas have served the British Crown for almost 200 years. It is a rich heritage marked by excellence and sacrifice. The history of the Brigade from its inception during the early wars between the Honorable East India Company and city-state of Gorkha, through the early Afghan wars, the two World Wars, the almost continuous post-war conflicts to modern day Afghanistan are set out in the pages below.

You can also find information about the origins of the Queen’s Gurkha Orderly Officers, the famous  ‘Kukri’ (Gurkha knife) and the iconic ‘Queen’s Truncheon.

Gurkhas, Nepal and the East India Company

After the East India Company

The First World War

Between the Wars

The Second World War

The Partition of India and transfer to the British Army

The Malayan Emergency

Borneo – the Brunei Revolt and Confrontation with Indonesia

British withdrawal from Malaysia and Singapore and the rundown of the Brigade of Gurkhas

Recent Operations

Gurkhas and the term ‘Mercenary’

The Queen’s Gurkha Orderly Officers

The Kukri

History of the Queen’s Truncheon

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