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How I train new soldiers at Pirbright

13th February 2020

How I train new soldiers at Pirbright

By Corporal Ojasbi Rai, 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles, C (Mogaung) Company

Since joining the Army in 2008, one of my ambitions has always been to instruct at one of the Army’s training establishments. In November 2017, I was fortunate enough to be posted into 2 Army Training Regiment (Pirbright) as a Section Commander.

The Army Training Centre (Pirbright) seeks to train non-Infantry Regular Recruits and all Reserve Soldiers.

Just a day after posting into Mather Troop I received my first Section of Regular Recruits. Instantly it became my main effort to develop these Recruits into high class soldiers, capable of service within the British Army. I developed my own areas of focus, which I coined the 5F’s: Fitness, Field Soldier, Fine Shooter, Foster the Values and Standards of British Army and be Far-Reaching. I found it incredibly important to develop my own style of teaching, in order to best pass on my knowledge and experiences. Dealing with the encounters that recruits face transitioning from civilian to soldier has been the biggest challenge that I have found.

In the military we demonstrate immense levels of hard work and commitment, attributes that young recruits do not initially possess. It is therefore crucial to understand where they come from, their upbringing and what makes them learn and adapt. Since arriving at Pirbright last November, I have successfully completed four Regular Intakes and three Reserve Intakes. The sense of pride and achievement that is felt by both the Permanent Staff and the Recruits on the day of the Pass Off Parade is one that I will cherish for a long time.

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