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Infantry Battle School Corporals Club take on Bike Park Wales

9th March 2023

Adventure at Bike Park Wales

A team from the Corporals’ Club Infantry Battle School (IBS) managed to hit the trail of world-renowned bike park – Bike Park Wales. Bike Park Wales is always a bucket list for Mountain Bike (MTB) riders.

With the lists of trails ranging from green trail all the way to black trail, it is suitable for all level of riders. A team was led by Lance Corporal Sangam Gurung were looking for new experiences, fun, excitement, and the adrenaline of MTB ride on the trails. The event started with initial brief about the safety points and the difficulty levels of various trails, then the team was divided into two groups depending on an individual’s capability, each team having one Mountain Bike Leader (MBL) as the group leader. Every individual on the team really enjoyed the event and got a memorable experience from the activity.

This was also a great opportunity for the Corporal’s club IBS to experience the MTB ride and build team cohesion.

By Lance Corporal Sangam Gurung, Training Support Division, Gurkha Wing (Mandalay)

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