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INVICTUS Games 2018 – Gurkhas to take part

12th June 2018

We have two Gurkhas taking part in the next INVICTUS Games which place in Sydney Australia in October 2018.

  • Lance Corporal Netrabahadur Rana – 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles
  • Rifleman Kushal Kumar Limbu – 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles

Both have taken part in previous INVICTUS Games in 2014, 2016 and 2017.


Lance Corporal Netrabahadur Rana

Lance Corporal Netrabahadur Ranais is from 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles. He was wounded in Afghanistan during Operation Herrick 7.

After a lengthy recovery process he was assigned back to 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles to continue his service in the British Army. 

He was employed as a Company storeman and is now a postal clerk in the Regimental Headquarters with 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles. He is a very active individual and very inspirational for the young soldiers around him.

Rifleman Kushal Kumar Limbu

Rifleman Kushal Kumar Limbu was a member of 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles.

He was wounded during in Afghanistan during Operation Herrick 9 and was medically discharged due to his injuries.

He takes an active part in various activities organised by Help for Heroes. He has also trained as a sprinter for the Paralympics.  


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