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Jungle Base Camp JEANE – Brunei

13th May 2021

New jungle training camp in Brunei

On the 22nd of April 2021, the Jungle Warfare Division (JWD) part of the School of infantry (SHINF) in Brunei, inaugurated their new Jungle Base Camp (JBC), which has been named JEANE, under the command of Major Ranjan Badgami (Officer Commanding JWD) and assisted by the commander British forces Brunei (BFB) Lieutenant Colonel A Todd MBE.

The JBC is located at LABI, Area D, in the middle of the primary jungle. This JBC is named after Iban Jeane, one of the lead civilian trackers, who has been working with JWD for a considerable length of time. JBC took four weeks to build, starting with clearing the ground, wood transportation and building the infrastructure. 2 RGR supported this by providing manpower.

Jungle Base Camp JEANE - Jungle Warfare Division Brunei
Jungle Base Camp JEANE - Jungle Warfare Division Brunei

A ritual puja asking forgiveness and blessings with nature was held in the jungle by the Gurkha Major, The Second Battalion (2 RGR), The Royal Gurkha Rifles Major Ramkumar Rai, Officer Commanding JWD, Pundit ji, and all available staff. This new training venue is available to SHINF soldiers on training courses and BFB soldiers to use for training purposes. JWD wants to maximise the jungle training providing realistic ground and training for the students and those who come for training. JWD runs two Jungle Warfare Instructor Courses (JWIC) and two Operational Tracker Instructor Course per year. The camp is required to JWD can successfully deliver the training required using a true jungle experience and confidence to operate in a close country tropical environment.

Though JBC is in the middle of the primary jungle it is accessible by using a logging track or by helicopter. This JBC provides flexibility, suitable terrain, and fresh ground for training. The Jungle Warfare Infantry Course 2101 has recently taken place and JEANE is proving to be the perfect to train students giving them all that a primary jungle could offer but in a managed safe location.

By Rifleman Arjun Magar, The Second Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles

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