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King Charles III visits our team in Wales

24th July 2023

King Charles III meets with Gurkhas from Gurkha Wing (Mandalay)

Gurkhas and family members from Gurkha Wing (Mandalay), working at the Infantry Battle School (IBS) at Dering Lines in Brecon, Wales, had the chance to meet King Charles III, as he visited Wales for the first time since his Coronation.

A 21-gun Royal Salute, fired by Reservists from 104 Regiment Royal Artillery, sounded His Majesty The King arrived in the town at midday. Upon his approach to the Barracks, the Regimental Band and Corps of Drums of The Royal Welsh Regiment, played the National Anthem, the music coming to a halt just before His Majesty’s vehicle approached an Honour Guard.

More about the Royal visit on the British Army Website

Around 100 Gurkha soldiers make up the Training Support Division (TSD) at IBS. They are assigned to TSD from across the Brigade of Gurkhas for up to two years. There has been a Gurkha presence in Brecon since 1974. Recently the IBS tasks have included training members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Captain David Spencer, Adjutant at IBS, said; “It was a real honour for staff to meet with The King and something they would never forget. The Training Support Division holds a wide mix of trained individuals such as snipers, drivers, engineers, machine gunners, chefs, pioneers and others. Without their support the Infantry Battle School could not deliver the realistic and demanding world-class training.

In addition to the support to training work the Gurkhas deliver, they are an integral part of the social fabric in South Wales. TSD are the lead for the military community engagement within Brecon. The Brecon Military Show, Freedom of Brecon parade and bonfire nights are major events in the local calendar.

HRH Arrival in Brecon
HRH with Capt Santosh Rai, WO2 Hemraj Rana, Rfn Sagar Khadka and families
Gurkha Wing (Mandalay) freedom parade in Brecon, Wales

Annual Brecon Freedom Parade - June 23

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