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29th April 2013

Obituary of Major Piers Erskine-Tulloch MC (Ex 2/2 GR)

To read the obituary of Major Piers Erskine-Tulloch ex-2/2 GR who died on 9th February 2013, click on the link.  Major Erskine-Tulloch Obituary

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25th April 2013

Colonel James Robinson speaks to Yograj Rai from Gurkha BFBS following his first visit to Nepal as Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas

On 28th March 2013 Colonel BG, Colonel James Robinson spoke to Yograj Rai about the Brigade of Gurkhas.  You can  listen to the full interview by ...

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24th April 2013

Last of 1 RGR contingent return from Afghanistan

The Last elements of 1 RGR return from Afghanistan. To see the BBC and Daily Telegraph coverage, click on the links BBC - 1 RGR Daily Telegraph

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23rd April 2013

Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas visit to Brunei

Colonel Brigade of Gurkhas, Colonel James Robinson shares his thoughts on his inaugural visit to Brunei as Col BG.  To hear the full interview click ...

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22nd April 2013

Gurkha Company March 2013 Newsletter

For Gurkha Company's March e-newsletter click on the link 20130411-Gurkha_Company_Catterick_enewsletter_Mar13_FINAL-U

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22nd April 2013

Gurkha Company February 2013 Newsetter

For February's e-newsletter click on the link 20130311-Gurkha_Company_enewsletter_Feb_13_v2_final-U

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