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Live Fire Tactical Training on Exercise DELHI KHUKURI

16th March 2023

Live Fire Tactical Training in Brunei

Live Fire Tactical Training (LFTT) is a close simulation exercise of warlike scenarios to train the soldiers in combat, using live ammunition.

The First Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles LFTT was delivered on Exercise DELHI KHKUKRI 1 and 2 in Brunei. The exercise was divided into two phases. The company undertook Individual Close Quarter Battler (ICQB), Limit of Night Visibility shoot, individual fire and manoeuvre, Close Quarter Marksmanship shoot and fire team manoeuvre on the first phase in training Area C and Tutong range.

This training included tactics and drills on what to do when in contact whilst working in small group up to fire team. This aimed to sharpen the soldier drills and tactics since these are critical skills required for success in combat. They must be of a high standard. The training was conducted using bayonets for ICQB, and night sights and aids were used for the night training. Heavy rainfall during the night firing made the exercise extremely challenging, especially having visuals on enemy targets.

Live Fire Tactical Training on Exercise DELHI KHUKURI 1 and 2
Live Fire Tactical Training on Exercise DELHI KHUKURI 1 and 2

The second phase consisted of section and platoon training together. The training area was hot and humid during the day and rainy at night. The section deliberate attack was conducted successfully, but due to the heavy rain, the company could not run the section deliberate attack at night.

The heavy rain drowned the harbour, and the company had to extract to a safe location for the night stay. The next day, we made a platoon advance to contact. The exercise helped my confidence in using live rounds in the jungle environment. Land structure and the weather made the training tough. The experienced and more senior Gurkhas helped every individual to polish up their skills and drills.

Live Fire Tactical Training on Exercise DELHI KHUKURI 1 and 2

LFTT creates a new environment and, at the same time, helps every individual to push their limits and make them better-fighting soldiers.

By Rifleman Prabhat Budha Magar, The First Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles

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