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Mandir Service at Tavoleto

14th July 2020

Mandir Service at Tavoleto

Over the past few months, the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has gone global affecting almost all countries, societies, and health systems.

It is also intruding into our spiritual domain. Despite the lingering uncertainty Gurkha Company (Tavoleto) (GC(T)) successfully conducted temple service on 23rd June 2020. Warrant Officer Class 2 Bharat Gurung (Company Sergeant Major) Saheb stayed inside the temple and did the prayers while other serving personnel and families attended the service from home and workplace via online application.

Company Sergeant Major Saheb and his family also kindly donated the statue of God in order to showcase his bonding and respect to the GC(T). Despite of the pandemic situation Pandit Ji Shivachandra Niraula managed to conduct all the pooja. Pandit Ji gave us spiritual and motivational speech regarding the current situation incorporating the example of God Hanuman. He talked about how to tackle in the difficult situation and search for the lights and keep moving forward in life. Pandit Ji certainly lifted the spirit of the serving personnel and families of the GC(T) in these tough situations. We as a GC(T) were privileged to take part in the temple service and would like to thank Pandit Ji for sparing his valuable time lifting the spirit of Gurkha company (Tavoleto).

By Lance Corporal Anil Tamang, Gurkha company (Tavoleto)

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