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MBE for Lieutenant Scott Sears – Royal Gurkha Rifles

4th January 2019

Lieutenant Scott Sears (Royal Gurkha Rifles) was awarded Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) on the New Year’s Honours 2019.

On Christmas Day 2017 He reached the South Pole, securing the world record as the youngest person to do so alone and unassisted attracting highly positive media coverage for the Army, and raising over £40,000 for the Gurkha Welfare Fund.

He did not hold the requisite military adventure training qualifications to conduct his attempt as a military expedition, so chose to pursue it in his own time and without drawing on the public purse.

His record breaking expedition demonstrated to the public the finest qualities they can expect from the Army: bravery, determination, sheer ability and adventurous spirit.

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