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Mission Rehearsal Exercise for Operation TRENTON 8

7th November 2019

Exercise in preparation for deployment

Operation TRENTON 8 Mission Rehearsal Exercise commenced on 27th November and will until 4th November and took place at Stanford Training Area.

The exercise took place as a collective training event between the Irish Guards, 69 Gurkha Field Squadron personnel and a number of individuals from various Army Reserve units.

This exercise was conducted in order to prepare for the Operation TRENTON 8 and as part of the assurance of the Army Reserve personnel to approve their deployment to South Sudan.

The Squadron’s participation in this exercise included preparing the route and key construction elements to allow movement of troops and vehicles. We also had to secure the water supply and undertake a number of tree felling tasks.

The deployment will see the Squadron deploy to the South Sudan from late November 2019 until the end of March 2020 and we will be located in three different locations in the South Sudan; Malakal, Bentiu and Juba.

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