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Musical Journey of Gurkha Musicians

26th March 2013

Shakespeare, once quoted, “If music be the food of love then –play on”.  Music has become the only language that is shared by people from all around the world, which provides a source of happiness for everyone.

Western music to a potential Gurkha musician, at first, seems rather obscure and baffling. Perhaps this may explain why a potential Gurkha musician spends three to four years on in-house musical training unlike our British counterparts. After the in-house training, the potential musician is sent to the Royal Military School of Music (RMSM) at Kneller Hall, London.

Gurkha musicians did not attend the musical foundation course at RMSM Kneller hall until 1951. In 1952, nine Gurkha musicians attended the course and 21144931 Dhanbahadur Gurung achieved the highest grading possible.

Before 2006, there was a two-tier marking system, one for the Gurkha musician and one for his British counterpart. However, records for 2006 show that the Gurkha musician had come along way and was now equal to his British counterpart.


Results for 2010:

LCpl Kumar Thapa – TEQ 1 (ATCL Distinction)

LCpl Gumansing Makhim – TEQ 3 (Distinction)

Musn Man Limbu – TEQ 1 (ATCL Distinction)

Musn Binay Limbu – TEQ 3 (Distinction)

Musn Binay Limbu attained the highest percentage amongst examinees for November 2010. In addition, he was awarded best overall trainee for 2010. Well done and congratulations to Musn Binay.

Jai Gurkha band!


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