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Nepal Cup/ Kathmandu Cup 2014 Fixtures

17th June 2014

BFBS has announced the fixture list for the 2014 Nepal and Kathmandu Cups to be played during Brigade week in July.
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The Nepal cup is the premier sporting event of the season featuring eight football teams including 1 and 2  RGR, QGS, QOGLR, GWM, GSPS, and QGE. The Kathmandu cup meanwhile will feature retired Gurkhas representing their former units in a similar fashion.
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The first kickoff will be on July 4, 2014 at 2PM in Maidstone.

Nepal Cup 2014 Fixtures:

Pool A                     Kick Off Times/Venue                                                                   

2 RGR vs QGS        2:PM/04 Jul 14/Maidstone QGE

GWM vs GCS          2:PM/07 Jul 14/Maidstone QGE

Pool B

GSPS vs QGE          10:Am/04 Jul 14/Maidstone QGE

1 RGR vs QOGLR   10:AM/07 Jul 14/Maidstone QGE

Kathmandu Cup 2014 Fixture:

Pool A                       Kick Off Times/Venue

QOGLR vs QGS        9:Am/11 Jul 14/ Queen’s Avenue, Aldershot

Pool B

RGR vs QGE             9:Am/11 Jul 14/ Queen’s Avenue, Aldershot

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