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Nepal Earthquake destroys buildings in Capital

25th April 2015

For info – an initial report from Commander British Gurkha Nepal (Col Sean Harris) on the earthquake in Nepal:


7.5-7.9 on R Scale.

Location – 82 KM west of Kathmandu.

10KM depth.

  • Local Damage moderate – ancient sites levelled.
  • Embassy and BGN intact.
  • Elements of DFID relocated to BGN
  • The British School deciding whether to move across to BGN for security and accommodation.
  • Estimates 500+ dead.
  • BGN injuries one (suspected) broken arm and minor head injury to soldier.
  • All personnel accounted for.
  • British Gurkhas Kathmandu, Pokhara and Dharan intact.

Please also note:

  • Brigade of Gurkhas Everest Expedition Team members all accounted for (one minor injury)
  • Tribhuwan International Airport is closed until further notice.
  • Comms in Nepal including Landlines/mobile sketchy at best.


Full SITREP to follow in due course.

Point of contact for HQ Bde of Gurkhas is Maj Bijayant Sherchan, DCOS HQBG.

Contact no- 07990860762

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