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Operation ICARUS – Support to Brunei during COVID-19 spike

16th October 2021

Operation ICARUS

2 RGR have recently been supporting the Bruneian local community with COVID-19 testing on Operation ICARUS. We asked some of the Gurkhas from 2 RGR, can you tell me what you have learnt from this task sporting the local people?

Captain Surendra Tamang – A Company

As a platoon commander, I felt privileged to lead one of the small teams on Operation ICARUS (COVID-19 swab testing) and support the Ministry of Health (MoH) Brunei. Due to the entirely different nature of the job, I learnt that how the professional conduct of every soldier would play a significant role in achieving a positive outcome. The Soldiers had to adopt flexibility to function in a new and challenging environment. This task has presented an excellent opportunity to assist MoH, work with the relevant agencies and, more importantly support the local people.

Operation ICARUS

Sergeant Dilkumar Tamang – A Company

I felt privileged to be a part of the Operation ICARUS. I had to remain determined, flexible, and foresighted to the changing circumstances. Collaboration, discipline, and professional conduct strengthened our bonds and enhanced our operability with the local agencies. It has also provided an excellent opportunity to showcase our trust, understanding and interoperability with the Bruneians.Operation ICARUS

Lance Corporal Tonil Rai – C Company

As a team commander, it has been a great privilege and a fantastic opportunity to work as a front liner on Operation ICARUS. It was indeed a new learning experience. The MoH Brunei and the locals have shown great appreciation for our service.

Operation ICARUS

Rifleman Rajib Rai – A Company

Every day is a learning day as I work alongside the local Bruneian community from different cultures, traditions, languages, and working environments. I have learnt that strength lies much more in indifference than in similarities.

Operation ICARUS

Rifleman Ashmin Ale Magar – A Company

The local Bruneians have really appreciated the Gurkhas in their country and the vital role we played in this pandemic. Being a part of Operation ICARUS has helped me understand the local people of Brunei better.

Operation ICARUS

Rifleman Amrit Gurung – C Company

It has been a good and new experience on the frontline during the COVID-19 outbreak in Brunei. We have been working side by side with MoH employees.

Operation ICARUS

Rifleman Dipesh Thapa – C Company

It is an utterly different challenge and experience for us than our daily routine business. Tomorrow is unpredictable, and we are confronting COVID-19 along staff from the MoH Brunei. Their gratitude and reverence towards us give us good incentives and excellent job satisfaction.

Operation ICARUS

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