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Operational Shooting Competitions with the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC)

21st July 2022

Operational Shooting Competitions with the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC)

A soldier is judged by their character and their basic soldering skills. Shooting is one of the basic skills which a soldier needs to master in their early training.

I enjoyed it during my basic training, and it was something I always looked forward to developing. This year, I volunteered to join the 22nd Signal Regimental Shooting Team as soon as I heard about the upcoming competitions.

ARRC Operational Shooting Competition (OSC)

All units from across the 2* ARRC Command were invited to participate in the ARRC Operational Shooting Competition (OSC), organised by the 10th Signal Regiment. The top three units would then qualify to take part in the Army OSC. The Regimental Shooting Team was led by Corporal Resham and overseen by Captain Robin. The competition itself was tough and demanding across the 12 major Units. It was my first major shooting training experience and with coaching from the experienced Army 100 shooters in the team with years of knowledge and shooting skills to help me. The competition was a series of runs centred around the theme of urban and rural combat live fire assessments. The team managed to qualify in second place with one of our fire teams securing silver in the Inter Unit falling plate match.

Army Operational Shooting competition 2022

A combined Army Operational Shooting competition (AOSC) for Regulars and Reserve was organised in the blocks of three for 20 teams each from all Headquarters, each competing over three days. After the ARRC OSC, the team carried on with training led by Sergeant Ramesh, which was the main event for earning the Army 100 badge. The competition was strongly contested with units having completed many months of training. We had a great run in the competition and were the top team using the SA80 A2 against the modern SA80 A3. Overall, the team came in the 8th in the Inter Unit Championship and top in the Corps.

By Signaller Pavin Thapa, Queen’s Gurkha Signals

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