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Our Gurkhas in Brecon deliver key training support to Exercise

10th November 2020

Exercise GREEN DRAGON – Infantry Battle School

On 27th October 2020, the Infantry Battle School in Brecon, conducted Exercise GREEN DRAGON (Ex GD), a Live Firing Tactical Training (LFTT) exercise for the Platoon Sergeant Battle Course 2002.

During Ex GD, Support Platoon (Sp Pl), part of the Training Support Division, was responsible for providing both direct and indirect fire support with Mortar and Machine Gun capabilities.

Exercise GREEN DRAGON – Infantry Battle School

The purpose of the exercise was to ensure the future leaders are professionally trained in a realistic environment using Battle Group assets. The role of TSD remained pivotal in terms of planning and coordination of the exercise, which was held at Sennybridge Training Area (SENTA).

The Exercise was delivered in a manner that the troops could possibly encounter on the battleground and to assist in building the confidence of the students. With the experience of Sp Pl Commander, Captain Madan Jimi (The Royal Gurkha Rifles (RGR)), real value was added to the exercise. In addition, two overhead fire and flanking fire guns by Corporal Sailendra Gurung (RGR), presented a real challenge to the students.

Ex GD delivered a perfect opportunity to train for both the exercising and supporting troops. It was an exceptional shared experience in planning, developing skills, and broadening knowledge through a well-coordinated LFTT to future leaders for tomorrow’s mission.

By Rifleman Suraj Sunuwar, Gurkha Wing Mandalay

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