The Gurkha Brigade Association represents all the Regimental Associations of Britain’s Brigade of Gurkhas. Veterans and serving, and all ranks, anyone who has served with the Brigade of Gurkhas is a member. Our role is to foster comradeship and welfare, to preserve the heritage and history of the Brigade of Gurkhas and to sponsor and support Association or Brigade events. We work very closely with Headquarters the Brigade of Gurkhas, the Gurkha Welfare Trust and the Gurkha Museum, for the benefit of our soldiers and ex-servicemen. We provide information on relevant news and events, in UK and abroad, as well as help and advice for those starting a second career outside the Brigade

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Parbate January and February 2022 Edition

10th February 2022

Parbate January and February 2022 Edition

The first edition of Parbate for 2022 (January and February) is available to read online now.

Going forward we will be producing six editions a year and moving towards digital only as part of the Ministry of Defence policy for future production of printed publications.

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In this bumper first edition of 2022 we cover many Gurkha events and activities from around the world including:

  • UK Defence COVID-19 Support to the Nepali Army
  • F (Falklands) Company, Second Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, Formation Parade
  • Reflections on Operation ALLIED SOLACE
  • Royal Audience for The Queen’s Gurkha Orderly Officers
  • Exercise KIWI TROPHY 2021
  • The First Battlaion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles medal and Kasam Khane Parade
  • Brigade of Gurkhas launchs support to The Queen’s Green Canopy

The Brigade of Gurkhas Communications Team.

Read the Jan/Feb 2022 edition on Parbate online

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