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Parbate September and October 2021 Edition

12th October 2021

Parbate Sept/Oct 2021 Edition

Dear all Gurkha Brigade Association friends, please find below the link to the online Sept/Oct 2021 edition of Parbate.

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Parbate Sept/Oct Edn

In this edition, we cover many Gurkha events and activities from around the world including:

  • Brigade of Gurkhas Hosts The UK Home Secretary
  • Brigade of Gurkhas Briefing Day, 23rd Sept 2021
  • British Army and Nepali Army meet in Nepal Exchanging knowledge
  • Nepal Cup 2021 – The winning Team, Queen’s Gurkha Signals
  • Exercise WARFIGHTER 21.4 – Fort Hood, Texas
  • An invite to the British Ambassador’s Residence, Slovenia
  • Brecon High School Good-Health Garden Project
  • Gurkha Memorial Statue Unveiled in Aldershot
  • British Forces Brunei Ladies Summer Olympics 2021

The Brigade of Gurkhas Communications Team.

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