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Pre Brecon Course 1803  – Brigade Training Team

18th December 2018

The Brigade Training Team delivered a four weeks comprehensive training programme for the Brigade of Gurkhas Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)from 12th November – 7th December 2018.

The aim of the training was to deliver quality training based on the most current Brecon Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to our Junior NCOs attending the Section Commander and Platoon Sergeant Battle Course (SCBC and PSBC). We try and mimic the physical and mental challenges that they will endure during their time on course.

The introductory week consisted of a Military knowledge tests, battle procedure, the orders process, combat estimate, platoon and section battle drills, operating in woods and forests, fighting in the urban environment and various other tactical lessons.

The students also had to complete 8 mile and 2 mile fitness tests. Experienced instructors within BTT shared their in-depth knowledge which were particularly helpful to broaden the understanding of what was expected of our JNCOs.

During the development week we deployed to Cinque Port Training Area to get the students into the exercise environment.  We conducted formative command appointments, individual night navigation and section to platoon level tactics. This provided an excellent opportunity for the NCOs to sharpen their infantry skills at section and platoon level for three days which concluded with a tough loaded march back to camp.

The confirmation week we deployed to Sennybridge Training Area in Brecon and were warmly welcomed (pun intended) by the typical Brecon weather as we occupied our harbour location. This Exercise provided another excellent opportunity to practice various section and platoon skills on exercise.

The Exercise was packaged carefully to assess NCOs in their appointment of Section Second in Command, Platoon Sergeant and Commander to extract and deliver orders and execute multiple task in the ground.

The Platoon carried out recce patrol, fighting patrol, ambush and deliberate attacks incorporating OIWAF, night navigation and 3 miler assessments.

The LFTT and SAA week was the final week of the course and this included range template construction, target triangulation for the PSBC NCOs and SAA demonstration lesson and teaching practice for the SCBC NCOs. The training included the 2 and 5 mile assessments.


Junior commanders must be armed with the professional knowledge, battlefield discipline and the ability to know how to apply the principles of battle procedures. This training package prepared individuals across the Brigade with various experiences to exercise their basic skills in preparation to the IBS. We are grateful to the BTT instructors for delivering the training and looking forward to starting the upcoming course fully prepared to succeed.






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