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Queen’s Gurkha Signals’ 73rd Birthday,

15th November 2022

Queen’s Gurkha Signals’ 73rd Birthday, a farewell and Dashain celebrations

On the 8th of October 2022, the Queen’s Gurkha Signals came together to celebrate their 73rd Regimental Birthday, farewell to the Colonel of the Regiment, Major General JJ Cole CB OBE, and the Regimental Dashain celebrations.

This year marked the Regiment’s 73rd birthday and it gave us immense pride looking back to see how far we have come forth since our first footprints during the First World War. The Regimental birthday parade also saw the opportunity for the Colonel of the Regiment to present Regimental awards to service personnel who have performed outstandingly over last 12 months.

The day also saw the QG SIGNALS say goodbye to Major General JJ Cole CB OBE the Colonel of the Regiment. We saw momentous changes under his command as we expanded from five squadrons to seven to deliver and achieve the strategic missions placed upon us by Defence.

Annually, the dispersed Paltan’s squadrons come together to celebrate Dashain as one big family, as such is the significance of Dashain. It is vital in bringing the entirety of the Regiment on this festive occasion to honour our ties with one another in a joyous environment. This year, the external marquee was bedecked grandly alongside the gym and adorned with colourful lights embracing the warmth of the festival as we moved into the Kaalratri phase. As the call for Bada Khana was raised, a splendid Dashain feast fit for royal was laid out by Staff Sergeant Ram Gurung and Second in Charge, Corporal Rockeyraj Gurung. Lieutenant Colonel S Smith, Commander QG SIGNALS and the Regiment came together to welcome the new Colonel of the Regiment, Brigadier Mike Fayers. A cultural programme commenced starting with the ‘Devi Dance’ act, which symbolises the battle and victory of the goddess Durga by defeating the demon Mahishasura. The new intake 20 bhai haru showcased their talents with energetic and dazzling group choreography. The night was concluded with Khushi ko Nach and everyone made merry into the night.

The following morning, the entirety of the occasion was concluded by the tow-out of the outgoing Colonel of the Regiment. A traditional farewell gesture where an instrumental figure of the Regiment is towed-out on an ornated vehicle by all serving members of the Regiment at the end of their tenure. The Guard of Honour presented the final compliment as the Colonel of the Regiment departed from Gamecock Barracks.

By Signaller Shivraj Gurung, Queen’s Gurkha Signals

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