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QOGLR public duties at Windsor Castle

1st June 2022

Who would you want to guard The Queen?

Gurkhas from the Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment (QOGLR) are taking a break from providing logistical support to the British Army’s warfighting division (3rd (United Kingdom) Division) on operations and exercises to don their ceremonial uniforms once again and support the Household Division by assuming the mantle of Queen’s Guard during the busy months of May and June.

In their distinctive uniforms with black accouterments, khukuri’s, highland brogues and traditional ‘toppi’ hats, the Gurkha’s provided a stark contrast to the scarlet tunics and bearskins of the Coldstream Guards. As an additional difference before every parade, there was a khukuri inspection, in which the soldiers grounded arms, and withdrew their khukuri for inspection by the Inspecting Officer.

Today they were in Windsor taking over the ceremonial role of protecting Her Majesty The Queen from a Household Dvision Guards Unit.

Media by Mick Latter (Twitter:

Watch this video about the Windsor duties

QOGLR Public Duties
QOGLR Public Duties
QOGLR Public Duties
QOGLR Public Duties

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