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Recruit Intake 2016 – Regional selection update

10th December 2015

Regional Selection (RS) has completed in British Gurkhas Pokhara (BGP). After the two devastating earthquakes struck Nepal the decision was made to cancel the 6-week Registration phase and the 6 week long RS phase. Thus a 9-month process had to occur from mid-November until the end of December in order to allow the young men and families of Nepal the appropriate time to recover.

Numbers of 1st attempt Potential Recruits (PRs) attending RS has been phenomenally large. The number of 1st attempt PRs entering BGP was greater in the first 3 days than numbers for both RS(W) and (E) combined last year. The queue of PRs at 0200hrs was a rank 4-wide across, extending from the BGP gate to past the taxi rank near the Gurkha Museum – a remarkable sight.

It is looking extremely positive that the quality of PR.  In total we had 4,785 arrive for the British Army and 2,988 for the Gurkha Contingent Singapore Police Force (GCSPF). Central Selection has now begun with the called-forward 130 GCSPF PRs arriving on 04 Dec. They will enlist the best 80.  The best 500 British Army PRs (250 from West and East respectively) will arrive in BGP over the next 2 weeks so we can select the best 236 to be enlisted.  The list of the 500 called-forward to Central Selection is on the Recruiting website.  Updates on Central Selection will follow shortly.

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