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Recruit Intake 2022 Passing off the Square

21st June 2022

A milestone for our recruit in Catterick

Gurkha Company Catterick Passing of the Square is held at the end of the Basic Training to assess the recruits’ suitability to progress onto the Initial Trade Training (ITT) phase of Combat Infantry Course (Gurkha). Individual and platoon scores from the event contribute to the scoring of competitions and the award of prizes later in the course.

It consists of 3 phases. Individual turnout, which includes bed and locker layout, the second is individual drill and military knowledge, and the last is close-quarter combat (CQC). Many in Gurkha Company call this the moment of truth. Lots of privileges are awarded to those who can meet the standard and so we were all excited.

The whole morning was busy but the most-awaited and challenging moment for us was the drill assessment. We had been developing our drill through 3 months of hard practice and discipline to make sure we were close to perfection on the day. After the military drill tests, we were assessed for our competence in the 36 basic khukuri patterns and although it took only a short time to demonstrate our proficiency and controlled aggression, it was a challenge for everyone to keep in step.

After a long busy day, the day concluded with a prize-giving and our platoon managed to secure the first place. The privilege of being issued our Khukuris made it a day to remember. It taught us two major things: to grab every opportunity and that together we can achieve more. We have achieved another milestone on our long journey.

By Trainee Rifleman Dilshahi Budha Magar – Gurkha Company Catterick

Gurkha Recruit intake 22
Gurkha Recruit intake 22
Gurkha Recruit Intake 21 Passing out Parade Dec 21

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