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Recruit Intake 22 online registration

28th July 2021

Recruit Intake 22 online registration

Recruit Intake 22 online registration is well underway and British Gurkhas Pokhara has been overwhelmed by the numbers and variety of applications flying in.

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They have received thousands of positive comments in the potential recruits’ feedback and continue to implement recommendations to improve and simplify the process.

With about 630 potential recruits submitting their applications each day, they are reaching the most remote areas of Nepal in numbers never seen before. Previously it would have taken some potential recruits 4 days to travel to Pokhara to register but this year we’ve bought registration to them virtually.

The recruiting officers are busy meticulously checking each application for validity and it looks like there’ll be a high quality of competition at Regional Selection and beyond.

Online registration will be live until 30th July 2021

For information visit the British Army Website page

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