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Soldiers’ highlights serving with Allied Rapid Reaction Support Battalion

6th April 2020

Soldiers' highlights serving with the Allied Rapid Reaction Support Battalion

Lance Corporal Sushant Gurung

Getting out of work routine to one of the finest skiing slopes in France, it was a sport completely alien to me which I absolutely enjoyed, and it was a brilliant week with friends. I encourage others to take part in Adventure Training which is plentiful here at ARRC Sp Bn.

Corporal Bhim Gurung

During my time here at Allied Rapid Reaction Support Battalion (ARRC Sp Bn), I have had the opportunity to go surfing in Tocha, Portugal. It was a unique experience for me, and I really enjoyed being on the sea waves able to stand up on the surfing board and look in the horizon across the sea.

Colour Sergeant Kesh Gurung

This is my first posting outside the Brigade of Gurkhas, I have learnt much more about the wider Army by serving with ARRC Sp Bn. A key highlight for me as a Training Colour Sergeant has been organising and executing a Brigade level LFTT, an opportunity that was rare, but also demanding and rewarding.


Staff Sergeant Budha Magar

Opportunities at ARRC Sp Bn are in abundance so that anyone can seize the chances to enhance their career paths. Personally, I have been able to complete a number of courses which have diversified my knowledge and increased my employability within the Brigade of Gurkhas and wider Army opportunities. Some of the courses have been really interesting such as the Clay Pigeon Safety Officer course.

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