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Success – Army Operational Shooting Competition 2017

24th June 2017

The Brigade of Gurkhas once again achieved great success at Army Operational Shooting competition (AOSC) 2017.

The Army Operational Shooting Competition (AOSC), is the British Army’s premier shooting competition. Part of the Central Skill at Arms Meeting (CENTSAAM), it takes place at the headquarters of the National Rifle Association (NRA) at Bisley Camp, Brookwood, Surrey. It also uses the Ministry of Defence (MOD) ranges nearby at Ash and Pirbright. 

Gurkha Success for 2017 included:

  • Metheun Cup: RGR (Royal Gurkha Rifles)
  • Infantry Champion: RGR

Individual Match Winners:

  • The Bullock Trophy and Large Khukri Presentation: Corporal Ashok Thapa, 1 RGR
  • The Advanced Fleeting Encounter: Corporal Ashok Thapa, 1 RGR
  • The Queen’s Medal Cup: Corporal Ashok Thapa, 1 RGR
  • The Pistol CQM (young soldier): Rifleman Anuch Gurung, 1 RGR
  • The Urban Contact (young soldier): Rifleman Anuch Gurung, 1 RGR
  • The Overall Tyro and Small Khukri Presentation (New Firer Champion): Rifleman Anuch Gurung, 1 RGR
  • The Advance to Contact (New Firer): Rifleman Pawan Bucha Magar, 1 RGR
  • Moving Target: Lance Corporal Subarna Gurung, 2 RGR
  • Pistol Cup: Corporal Tuljung Gurung MC, Infantry Battle School
  • Short Rural Contact Assessment (Malta Cup Class B: Sapper Bibek Chhetri, Queen’s Gurkha Engineers
  • International Machine Gun Cup: Signalman Suraj Ale, BACST
  • Short Rural Contact Assessment (Association Cup): Corporal Shiva Gurung, 11 Signal Regiment

Team Match Winners:

  • Fire Team Close Combat Assessment: 1 RGR
  • Team Snap (Britainia Trophy): 1 RGR
  • The Section Advance to Contact: 1 RGR
  • The Advance Fleeting: 1 RGR
  • The Urban Contact: 1 RGR
  • The Short Rural Contact: 1 RGR
  • The Attack and Reorg: 1 RGR
  • The Advance to Contact (Para Cup): 1 RGR
  • The Defence Assessment: 1 RGR
  • Team Machine Gun: 1 RGR
  • Pistol CQM: 1 RGR

Well done to all that took part in this fantastic event.

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