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Survey – Area on the website to engage others

22nd November 2022

We need your feedback

Would you make use of a chat forum and your own profile area on the website?

We want to know if we created a secure area on the website, which you would have to sign up for access to, if you would use it to as a discussion space with ex colleagues?

The space would also allow for you to generate your own profiles and create group spaces within it. Taking something that can be done on social media into a secure space on this website.

Please complete this form.

The secure part of the website would allow:

  • Individuals to sign up for access
  • A chat forum
  • The ability to create group spaces within the forum
  • Ability to upload your own profile and supporting media
  • A space to promote your regimental and local acitivities
  • A space for us to keep an eye out for each other, listening to those with concerns or problems, where others maybe able to help out or signpost to supporting organisations.
  • A secure place for all age groups of the Brigade to come together online.
The Second Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles deploy to Romania

This is your opportunity to have your say - complete the 4 questions here

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