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Survival in the Jungle

26th February 2020

Junior Non-COmmissioned Officers' cadre take on the Jungle

Over the last few weeks Riflemen of The Second Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles have been taking on the Jungle on their promotion cadre.

Survival in the Jungle

The step on the promotion ladder comes hard for the young Riflemen currently stationed in Brunei with The Second Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles.

The Junior Non-Commissioned Officers’ Cadre has been running for several weeks, training these young men on leadership development and skills in the most hostile of environments deep in the Jungles of Brunei.

They will look back at this over time with fond memories but at times over the last few weeks they may have been thinking I just need to survive.

Survival in the Jungle
Survival in the Jungle

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