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The Adjutant General’s Corps 30th Anniversary celebrations in Brunei

11th May 2022

The Adjutant General’s Corps 30th Anniversary celebrations in Brunei

Members of the Adjutant General’s Corps (AGC) currently serving in British Forces Brunei (Staff and Personnel Support, Gurkha Staff and Personnel Support, Royal Military Police, Army Welfare Services, Educational and Training Services, Army Legal Services) commemorated the AGC 30th Anniversary under the direction and command of Regimental Administrative Officer British Forces Brunei (RAO BFB), Major Anil Gurung and coordinated by Sergeant Mimlal Thapa.

Phase one of the celebrations included a three-day physical training activity led by newly qualified Army physical training instructor, Lance Corporal Paras Gurung. This incorporated a 10km beach run, 10km cycling and rowing task, and a 10km bergen march. This all took place in the vicinity of the Tuker Lines camp area covering 30km in total to represent the 30 years.

Phase two saw the AGC members deployed on Exercise ULU TEMBURONG CANOPY WARRIOR, a packaged tour to the Canopy Walkway of the Ulu Temburong National Park. The team travelled to the Freme Rainforest Lodge and then a boat ride of 45min to the starting point of the Temburong National Park. A thousand steps uphill hike was waiting for the team prior to arriving at the Canopy Walkway. Finally, the team arrived at the foot of the Canopy walkway but climbing up was not easy for those especially who are acrophobic. However, everyone managed to get to the top to enjoy the magnificent canopy view of plant life covering Brunei’s large landscape where the trees were seen to be meeting the clouds above due to their substantial heights.

The Adjutant General’s Corps 30th Anniversary celebrations in Brunei

Phase three was a social evening for the AGC personnel and invited guests from the Garrison at Brunei Signal Troop Community Centre. The highlight of the evening was a piper playing a birthday song while RAO BFB and the VIP guests cut the cake. A short video to capture all events over the last four days which was played for all to enjoy. As part of the entertainment, Privates Sandip Gurung and Suraj Sinthan performed a spectacular Kukuri Dance which was really fascinating to watch including Private Suraj exhibiting his Taekwondo skills. The evening concluded with a cocktail dance where variety of dance moves were seen with everyone laughing aloud.

The commemoration and celebration of the AGC’s 30th anniversary has given a new prospect to unite Army’s reflection on culture, conduct and coordination by introducing the concept of mutual collaboration across all positions equally within the AGC. This occasion has been rewarding and a unique opportunity for all AGC personnel in station to come together as a team, enhance esprit de corps and reflect on the AGC’s 30th landmark anniversary.

By Private Suraj Gurung, Gurkha Staff and Personnel Support

The Adjutant General’s Corps 30th Anniversary celebrations in Brunei
The Adjutant General’s Corps 30th Anniversary celebrations in Brunei

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